Visual collaboration

Nowadays, meetings are not confined to a specific location or structure, but, instead, are more collaborative, flexible, and tailored to individual preferences. To accommodate these changes, Innov8av are able to provides video conferencing solutions that meet the needs of any organization and workspace size, optimizing workflow and productivity. With our comprehensive understanding of video conferencing technology, we can recommend, design, and install the appropriate solution to facilitate your requirements.

Solutions offered include:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a secure and versatile platform for teams to work together, regardless of their location. Through Teams, you have the ability to effortlessly generate cooperative and all-encompassing meetings, utilizing high-quality video, audio, and file-sharing functionalities.

Zoom Rooms
Zoom Rooms facilitates flexible work arrangements like never before. With this platform, you can connect with up to 500 individuals from across the globe, all through a single solution. We offer a comprehensive hardware and software package that ensures an unforgettable Zoom Rooms experience, with support provided every step of the way for you and your team.

Google Meet and Hangouts

Google Meet, created by Google, is a video conferencing tool that empowers both individuals and teams to communicate and collaborate through high-quality video and audio. Regardless of your location – whether at home, on-the-go, or in the office – Google Meet offers a convenient way to connect with others from any corner of the globe. Alongside Google Meet, there’s also Google Hangouts which is a messaging platform that allows you to keep in touch with colleagues and friends via text, voice or video calls.

Hybrid & Portable Solutions

In today’s work environment, hybrid meetings have become the standard. These meetings merge the benefits of virtual meetings – including convenience and flexibility – with the personal interaction and connection of in-person meetings, thus offering the best of both worlds.