IPTV / TV distribution solutions

IPTV services enable organizations to distribute rebroadcast TV and synchronized AV content through the internet, offering an extensive range of channels and providing flexibility in terms of content, location, and time of consumption. The service caters to various needs, such as streaming live TV or satellite for stock market updates, providing rolling news for corporate reception areas, or enhancing video conferences with PowerPoint presentations.

With IPTV, organizations can have complete control of their media environment, allowing them to deliver live or on-demand broadcasts

At,Innov8av we possess considerable expertise in installing and enhancing TV distribution solutions for both new and existing systems. Our services encompass design, installation, and maintenance of commercial systems, including IRS, MATV, and SMATV systems. We offer a range of options including both Free to Air and subscription channels, and we utilize only top-quality professional-standard equipment. Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade of an existing system, we strive to carry out the process with minimal disruption.